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We curate mæta-spaces |Playful learning environments

At Mæta1 we use theatre-, storytelling- and improvisation techniques to curate spaces for learning opportunities within schools, organizations and public spaces.

Meet: We build a foundation from the social needs of human beings and connect with potential in indoor and outdoor spaces to play, discover and learn together.

Assay: In a setting based on mutual learning the one who teaches learns in the act of teaching, and whoever learns teaches in the act of learning.

Encounter: The environment we create together becomes a movement between play and tension. A way of engaging ourselves into challenges of the human condition2 and to playfully reflect and share experiences.

1 Mæta is an Icelandic word for to meet, to encounter, to appear. It is also old Norse for the Swedish word mäta; to measure.

2 We stand beyond ideologies, religions and all forms of activism. But we engage reflectively in these matters if a learning opportunity requests it.