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Meetup |Try, act, experience and remix.

A communal safe space for trying that which is new. A space in which we push and challenge the boundaries of what, why and how we think or believe we are developing the art of what we are practicing. It is from the position of daring that immersion and total aestetic engagement may be transferred between people and from which deep and serious play can arise. From this then, we engage in reflection to assay what is responsible and good to let loose into the world of the everyday.

These meetup opportunities are open and free for everyone who wants to explore their practice. They are also open for those who are interested in just participating.

The aim is to give you, as a practitioner, a possibility to try your conventions or excercises together with other practitioners or interested participants. A test-bed where we reflect together in an open and sharing environment and share experiences together with a cup of tea.

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Återbruket Mobilia, Per Albin Hanssons väg 28E, Google Maps
Free for all!
Optional registration or questions:
Phone/sms: 0722759844